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  1. Birdin' in Lodi

From the recording Birdin' in Lodi

This one is for the birds, and the very wonderful Sandhill Crane Birding Festival held in the great town of Lodi, CA every November.


Just about a day ago I went looking out in the sky.Seekin' my fame and fortune, Lookin' for a Goldeneye.Things got bad and things got worse, until I found a loon.Oh, Lord! I’m Birdin’ in Lodi again.
Rode in on the greyhound, looking for the Sandhill Crane.I was just passing through to, see some more birds again.I ran out of time and money, lookin’ for the drake and hen.Oh, Lord! I’m Birdin’ in Lodi again.
The man from the magazine, tweeted I was on my way.Somewhere I lost connections, workin’ life list all day.I came in to town like a burrowing owl, kept my ducks in a row.Oh, Lord! I’m Birdin’ in Lodi again.
If I only had a dollar, for every bird I saw.Every time I had to watch, the mallards in the muck.You know I'd catch the next train, to be birdin’ with my friends.Oh, Lord! I’m Birdin’ in Lodi again.