Nothin' But Now is the follow-up to Rufo's debut solo album, Streets of Plenty and is a collection of beautiful folk tunes rich with imagery, imagination and soulful vocals."  Click the link above to read and hear more.” - Dom Vigil

The Prelude Press

While some new acts are all about blending different genres together in the search of a new sound, ...[Mike Rufo] is trying to bring back the pure days of folk music with its melodic and harmonious music reminiscent of acts such as Leonard Cohen, Simon & Garfunkel with some Beach Boys hints. Co-produced with renowned East Bay producer Gawain Mathews, Nothin’ But Now sees Rufo showcasing his continued growth as an artist while crafting a fresh modern sound that is entirely his own. Mike is also a highly passionate social activist who preaches love and positivity and has spoken out against war and government surveillance. Click the link above to read more. ” - RJ Frometta

Vents Magazine

...we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of San Francisco artist Mike Rufo‘s new Folk/Americana-laden song, “A Place”. The track appears on Rufo’s upcoming second solo LP Nothin’ But Now, which releases digitally and physically tomorrow, July 15. Stream the song and enjoy a special Q&A below as Rufo took some time to talk with us about both the song and his new album. The lyrics are very positive and uplifting, reminding the listener that there’s room for everyone to belong and to ask questions. Did any particular event (or place!) inspire those lyrics? I guess the event was the life change I had been debating with myself for a while, specifically, when I was going to re-shift my priorities to pursue more music and activism. This was one of the first songs I wrote for the new CD. It’s about stepping back to observe and appreciate our humanity, across all the things that might otherwise divide us, acknowledging our fears and our frailties, and coming round to the empowerment offered by our connection and love for each other... Click the link above to read the entire interview.” - Drew Maroon

Mind Equals Blown

I've enjoyed playing Mike Rufo's song, "Spyin' Eyes" on KALW and KALX where the song has been a hit with listeners, staff, and some generally hard-to-impress DJs. The song even drew one of the station's engineers -- a guy who has, literally, heard it all -- out of his gear-head cave to cheer it on.  I don't know if that means much in the "real" world, but it's considered very high praise in radioland.” - Jose Segue

— Hicks and Sticks

The greatest thing about music is its ability to bring people from all walks of life together. While pop-rock band Constant Coogan and folk artist Mike Rufo might find themselves classified under quite different genres, it’s clear they’re both very passionate about issues in our world today..."  Click the link above to read the article.” - ANGELA MASTROGIACOMO

Cliche Magazine

Mike Rufo/No Exit Email List

Mike Rufo/No Exit Email List