RoofJamz in Zoomland! Video Release, Special Guest Hassan El-Tayyab, & GOTV w Vote Forward

Online, RSVP to for link

With the election on the horizon and a couple of projects I've been sitting on for awhile, I thought that perhaps now was a good time to try to get a few folks "together" for a resurrected RoofJamz, online house concert event.  So what will we do at this thingamabobby? 

Release my new music video for Transcendental Meta-Worry.

Have a brief conversation about the video, stress, and what folks do to deal with anxiety.

Introduce Vote Forward, an easy and immediate way to help democracy before the election.

Hear some great live music and inspiring words from my friend, the multi-talented artist and activist Hassan El-Tayyab of American Nomad!!!

Time permitting, I'll play a couple of live songs related to my upcoming, covid-stalled, album.